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Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn the answers to the most commonly asked questions at Toorak Chiropractor.

No, absolutely not.

Chiropractic treatment is very safe and there is very little to no pain involved in an adjustment at the Chiropractor.

“Will an adjustment hurt?” is a very commonly asked chiropractic question. The team at Toorak Chiropractor offer gentle, efficient treatments that are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual client.

All our practitioners are trained in multiple chiropractic techniques allowing us to offer you a wide range of chiropractic options when it comes to creating a personalised chiropractic care plan for you. Continue reading more FAQ

Chiropractic treatment can help you with an extensive range of musculoskeletal conditions through diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of your musculoskeletal system. Some of the many conditions a chiropractic care plan can help with are:

Neck pain



Low back pain


Disc injuries



TMJ pain

Nerve pain





Upper limb pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Piriformis syndrome

Coccyx pain

Postural Syndrome

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In short, our team recommend avoiding it.

Cracking, or adjusting yourself can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

It can be very likely you are moving the segments above and or below the actual joint that needs to be adjusted, this can be why you can feel the need to self ‘crack’ every 10 minutes.

Another primary concern with self-adjustments is how forcefully people tend to push their bodies to get a ‘crack’. Adjusting yourself too frequently, forcefully or suddenly in a non-specific or controlled manner can lead to soft tissue damage.

Ultimately seeing a trained chiropractic professional is the best and safest option. Book online today.

Yes, we often address, treat and adjust jaw / TMJ problems.

Toorak Chiropractor uses both gentle and manual adjustments to treat and manage your jaw pain associated with TMJ.

Keeping in mind, that feeling better and being better are two different things.
Generally, most people feel better within just a few visits; however, any underlying issue may take longer to correct and require ongoing maintenance.

Chiropractic is a process, not an event.

For many patients, chiropractic maintenance and prevention are key. Most patients stay in care to work on any underlying issues they may have and make sure their condition / issue doesn’t come back.

Yes, we find that upper neck misalignments can be a serious contributor to your existing headaches and once adjusted patients can experience very significant relief.

If you suffer from tension headaches, migraines or other kinds of headaches, a chiropractic adjustment for both acute and chronic neck pain can help.

No problem, we offer a variety of hours spread across the week to ensure all patients are able to get the Chiropractic services they require.

Toorak Chiropractor is based in the heart of Toorak, Victoria 3142, our client base is Victoria wide. Many clients happily travel to ensure they get the chiropractic care they need.

We can understand the potential fear of having your neck cracked during an adjustment.

We can still adjust your neck with an Activator, this does not require us to manipulate your neck with our hands.

An Activator is a perfect option for patients that are not comfortable with manual neck manipulations and of course, this kind of treatment is gentle.

Get in touch and see how we can tailor a chiropractic care plan just for you.

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Yes, we see and manage patients throughout their entire pregnancy and soon after birth (Postpartum).

Pregnancy Chiropractic care can help many women manage any pain or discomfort they may be experiencing with all the changes a mum-to-be can go through during their pregnancy.

Adjustments during pregnancy are modified to ensure safety, modesty and comfort for you and your baby to be. Many women learn how to adjust their movements to accommodate their changing bodies.

Many of our mums to be will visit Dr. Joshua Cogoi to ensure their pelvis is functioning properly so that they can experience a smoother birthing process.

In short yes.

A lot of people are ‘sub-clinical’ meaning they have issues but are not experiencing symptoms, this is the advantage of seeing an Allied Health professional to be your eyes and ears before something comes up that’s of concern being left too long.

Just like brushing your perfect teeth for upkeep,  Chiropractic is a fantastic option to keep your body in check and make sure nothing underlying is building as, unfortunately, is the case with most people that find Chiropractors once the issue has been left too long.

Which takes a lot more work to correct compared to being maintained prior.

For any more FAQs get in contact with us and we will be sure to answer your questions.

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Simply put the 4 therapies are commonly known as complementary therapies, and generally speaking, they hold the same philosophies. Breaking it down each of these therapies primarily focuses on different regions of the body and techniques when it comes to healing.

Chiro – A chiropractor’s treatment is primarily focused on treating and preventing musculoskeletal problems throughout the body with the use of manual adjustments of the spine and joints using their hands and specialised instruments.

Physio – A physiotherapist’s treatment is primarily focused on movement and functionality of the body, often used following an injury, surgery or when managing a physical disability. A physiotherapist will generally use techniques such as massage, exercise, stretching and specific hands-on manipulation to treat pain and improve the patient’s mobility and flexibility

Osteo – An osteopath’s treatment focuses on the health and wellbeing of the entire body, not just the injured or affected part. Osteopaths will look at how your skeleton, muscles, joints, nerves, connective tissue, internal organs and circulatory system function as a whole.

Myo – A myotherapist’s treatment is focused primarily on muscles and soft tissue. In short, it is an advanced form of remedial massage, also known as sports massage or medical massage. During myotherapy, a professional therapist uses trigger point release and a variety of other muscle and myofascial relieving techniques to achieve the desired outcome.

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