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Have you ever wondered; What happens to your body during a chiropractic adjustment?

Have you ever been to a chiropractor before? Some people refer to a chiropractor as a back cracker, as their treatments generally involve the doctor making adjustments to the spine to help relieve any pain you may be experiencing. There is a big misconception when it comes to spinal adjustments as many think the ‘cracking’ or ‘popping’ sound they hear during their treatment is their bones being realigned or pushed back into place. We can see why you may think this, but it is not the case. Today we discuss what happens to your body during a chiropractic adjustment, and what you can expect when you visit a chiropractor.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

Before we get to the Fun Facts, we need to understand what a chiropractic adjustment is. A chiropractic adjustment is a term used by trained health professionals – Chiropractors, to define a treatment or procedure involving their hands or instruments to apply controlled, specific forces to the spinal joint. The aim of this treatment/procedure is to improve spinal motion and improve your body’s range of motion and physical function.

The mechanics of it goes something like this: If you are experiencing restricted movement in your joints, this can cause your body to send interrupted or confusing signals to your brain, and your brain can read these signals as joint pain and send back a pain response. A chiropractic adjustment uses specific techniques to remove the restriction of movement in your joints, allowing the receptors in the joint to reduce the pain signals.

3 Types of chiropractic adjustment and what they treat in a patient.

The Activator Technique

An activator is a handheld chiropractic instrument designed to give gentle impulses into the vertebral segments of the patient’s spine or extremities. An activator can be used to treat a wide range of problems, from lower back pain to headaches and migraines. This device delivers a light thumping like sensation to the target area and is very comfortable, perfect for fragile and sore patients.

Drop Table Technique

The drop table technique, also known as the Thompson Technique uses a specifically designed table with built-in padded platforms engineered to drop approximately one inch in height when a chiropractor applies a quick specific trust on a patient to perform an adjustment. This chiropractic technique is very comfortable for patients and can be used for the spine and extremities. Approximately 50% of chiropractors use this technique on their patients.

Diversified Technique

This Diversified Technique is the most common technique used amongst chiropractors, with a huge 95.9% of practising it to realign joints, reduce pain, stiffness and increase overall mobility and flow. The diversified technique is considered a universal chiropractic technique and involves very precise hands-on thrusts to the target areas.

5 Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1. In Australia in 2016, there were over twelve
million visits
to a chiropractor, with eight point six per cent of these
visits for paediatric patients.

Fun Fact #2. Pregnant women who receive chiropractic
care sleep significantly better and longer than pregnant women who do not.
Fun Fact #3. If you have a desk job,
chiropractic care can correct poor posture, minimise pain and prevent further
damage to your spine.
Fun Fact #4. Studies have shown that one of the
most expensive ways of treating back pain is with traditional medical care.
Seeing a chiropractor can save you long term, in more ways than one!
Fun Fact #5. Athletes can benefit from a
chiropractic care plan as it increases mobility, range of motion and can help prevent
future injuries.

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