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Are you an entertainer in the adult industry? Have you seen a chiropractor lately? If not, perhaps you will after you learn a little more about how chiropractic care can benefit your career and how many adult entertainers are getting some much-needed pain relief.

The evolution of chiropractic care in adult entertainers.

Over the years the adult entertainers/entertainment industry in Australia has become a favourable, highly participated occupation. Throughout 2020 – 2021 many of us explored new ways to ‘work remotely’ and generate an alternative, sustainable, income.

During this time (Covid-19 Pandemic) we saw a significant spike in adult online content creators emerge through platforms such as Only Fans, an internet subscription service where content creators can earn money. With adult industry roles uniquely offering an attractive OTE income and a one-of-a-kind business model, there is no wonder so many people were taking up the opportunities within this industry.

Growth in chiropractic services has been influenced by several demands over the past 5 years. As a service in Australia that is not generally covered by Medicare, the demand for chiropractic care services is heavily influenced by trends in disposable income. For many in the adult industry, there is a strong willingness to consume the out-of-pocket expense associated a chiropractic treatment to keep their bodies in optimal condition for prime performance.

The demand for adult entertainers across the country continues to grow in many shapes and forms, from Only Fans content creators, strippers, pole dancers, topless waiters and burlesque dancers to name a few.

With these exclusive occupations, side hustles and hobbies come an exclusive set of working injuries, pains and strains. One of the most problematic areas adult entertainers and performers are experiencing are issues with their lower back, with this, chiropractic clinics are now treating more dancers and entertainers than before.

What are 4 types of adult entertainers who should visit a chiropractor and why?

Adult entertainers chiropractic assessment

Why Pole Dances should visit a chiropractor.

Pole dancing is a trend that became mainstream in the US in the early 2000s. Prior, pole dancers were viewed as adult entertainers, but it has since become a worldwide fitness movement and sport, pole dancing is now recognised as a recreational and competitive sport for both men and women by the IPSP. There is even speculation that it could become a future Olympic sport.

When it comes to your body, ariel arts, like pole have different postural requirements and as a result can many different kinds of injuries to your body. Pole dancing runs the risk of serious and minor injuries if not performed properly.

Chiropractic treatment for pole dancing can prevent injury and also help overcome existing injuries. A chiropractic manipulation with Toorak Chiropractor can strengthen the quality of communication between your nervous system and your brain increasing your body’s overall functionality and awareness during a performance.

Toorak Chiropractor treats many ariel sports injuries as a result of pole dancing; these injuries range from disc injuries in your back, to shoulder injuries to knee and ankle injuries. Each chiropractic care treatment for pole dancers is tailored to suit your specific needs.

Toorak chiropractor adult entertainers assessment Jay Lam
Jay Lam Adult Entertainer Chiropractic Consultation

Why male and female strippers should visit a chiropractor.

Strippers are the most common form of adult entertainers. Being a stripper is demanding work, you are required to be physically fit to keep up with the demands of the job. Performing is physically taxing, especially with the addition of heavy props, high heels and repetitive routines. Like most categories in the adult industry, stripping when not performed correctly can cause some minor or serious injuries.

Being healthy and maintaining optimal spinal health allows you to perform at your best and prevent injuries from occurring. Toorak Chiropractor treats many strippers across Melbourne as a part of their strategy for health.

Some of the most common injuries strippers encounter are:

  • Muscle Strain / Pulled Muscle
  • Ligament or Tendon Strains
  • Back Pain
  • Wrist Pain
  • Knee Pain

Adult entertainers seeing a chiropractor can improve functionality and reduce pain. Toorak Chiropractor can also educate you on how to best maintain your musculoskeletal health through exercise, correct movement and ergonomics.

How a chiropractic care plan can help you as an Adult Content Creator.

If you’re an adult content creator, you’ll know that sometimes you can end up in some compromising positions. Chiropractic care can help you if you’re experiencing a level of pain in your joints or muscles that is impacting your ability to get through your daily activities.

Some common complaints from adult content creators are:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Headaches
  • Disc Injuries
  • Nerve Pain
  • Upper Limb Pain
  • Coccyx pain

Get in touch with Toorak Chiropractor for an assessment and find out how we can help you.

Why should topless waiters see a chiropractor?

Topless waiters, both male and female are required to be physically fit to keep up with the demands of their role. Through training and fitness injuries can occur, and lower back pain is common when muscles are underdeveloped. Seeing a chiropractor can assist with the wellness of your entire body, not just your spine. The less pain you experience, the more you can allow yourself to move better, train better and get a better overall fitness result.

For women as adult entertainers, breast size can impact their centre of gravity and normal body alignment. As a result, some women may experience breast-related back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Restoration of nerve flow and releasing tension in tight muscles with a chiropractic adjustment can relieve pain and increase mobility.

If you would like to benefit from chiropractic care in your role as a topless waiter get in touch with Dr. Josh Cogoi today for a stress-free assessment.

Some simple chiropractic facts.

A recent study has shown that out of the 12 million plus, Australians who see a chiropractor each year 56% of these clients are female with 44% are male. The primary age range for 36% of all consultations is between the ages of 25-44, followed by ages 45 – 64 at 35%. Coincidently this age category is also the prime age category for adult entertainers, current and retired.

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